The Christine Jorgensen Story

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Kaylee Robless Professor Martin Psych 2306 01/06/11 “The Christine Jorgensen Story” Transgender a word used by many people but only a few literally described as who they are. Never in my mind did I ever really think about people who are transgender or anything about what the word really means. As I heard the word I never had quite the definition of it, but as I came to know from my understanding it is someone who had surgical procedures done to them so that they can become the opposite sex. Now that I have come to know what transgender really means I chose to watch “The Christine Jorgensen Story,” to really explain to me what it truly is and their experience. I learned many valuable things from watching this story not only that but it gave me a different perspective on things. I researched Christine Jorgensen online and found that her life was very much similar to her movie; many of the situations that occurred in the movie were just like her real life. Christine Jorgensen was once a male named George William Jorgensen Jr. as a child he faced problems with being a boy. Jorgensen didn’t feel right being at boy growing up, he wanted to do things girls did. He faced many trials being a boy, and always said he wasn’t who he was supposed to be. Jorgensen had a hard life growing up by being made fun of from other people and just having people not accept him for wanting to do girly things. Jorgensen life was full of many situations that really made him happy later on in time. He later in life decided to become a woman, he received all the surgical procedures to make that possible because he truly wasn’t happy as the person he was born to be. Not only did he turn into the woman he wanted to, he helped many people out there in the world that were just like him. His example of showing that he was going to do everything he could to become a woman brought much of

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