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Character Analysis: Jake Barnes and Brett Ashley “Code-Hero” A phrase used in several Hemingway books, but what does it really mean? Some of the traits of a Code Hero are; He is willing to confront death, he holds his liquor well, he’s a “mans” man and he refuses to become emotional. In The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, Hemingway amplifies the fact that Jake was injured in the war and how hard it is being impotent when finds an affectionate lover named Lady Brett Ashley. Now because of the injury Brett has declined Jake several times, not only to live with him but to be his lover as well. The differences between the two keep the storing going as they travel, meet new people, and have a good time. Jake Barnes was a typical solider in World War 1 until he was injured from the waist down, leaving him impotent and not being able to make love to a woman. This in one of the worst things that could happen to Jake because the woman he falls in love with needs what he cannot give. Jake, being the code hero handles everything like a man, his liquor, and his women. Jake handles the war injury as well as anyone could. “What’s the matter with you anyway?” “I got hurt in the war”(24) Even though he turns to alcohol and feels lonely every once in a while he passes that by confiding in new friends and making memories with the old ones as well. Brett Ashley was another character impacted by the war. Her husband had died in battle and it was extremely tough to get through. “During the war. Her own true love had just kicked off with dysentery”(46) Brett unlike other woman turned to hang out and be one of the guys instead of moving on and finding a new husband. She used the men around her, as a crutch to get her to meet other guys which she would take advantage of. Brett was always looked at weird when she walked into a room, her hair was short and she was always

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