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“The Namesake” The movie followed an Indian man who moves to the Unites States, for a better life after experiencing terrible accidents as a young man. The movie takes the viewer on a life journey of father and son relationship. After Ashoke, moved to the United States, he travels back to his homeland to find a wife. His marriage was arrange, this show from the beginning that Ashoke, culture was very important to him and keeping his tradition was also very important. After having his children he struggle to in stored these values in his children. When Ashoke, had is first son he named him” Gogol” after Russian literature writer. Although the name was not off an Indian descendant, his son always hated the name because his friends made fun of his name during his high school years this was very hard for the son, because during his years in many children As a teenager, go through many physical, mental, emotional, and social changes. During this time, you start to develop your own unique personality and opinions. Some changes that that take place are increased independence from your parents more influence from peers Greater ability to sense right and wrong. All of this can be found in the character Gogol, because in this early life Gogol was heavily influences by his peers in school. Gogol did not become aware of hi name until he was made fun off by his peers in school. Also attending a white dominated school, he fell out of place by the color of his skin, and needed to fit in with the people outside of his home. In the beginning of the movie made an introduction a Gogol mother trying on this father shoes before picking him as a husband. When she put her feet in the shoes it fits, this shows that the couple lives were going to be parallel to each other’s lives. But maintain their son life was a difficult task for the couples. Although Gogol had Indian father, he

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