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Brother Dear A youthful mind in today’s society is rarely free from ambition. To limit a mind is like creating the first obstacle for success. Usually, most teenagers in high school already have diversified ideas of what they would like to do in the future. And often times, the direction in which they may want to expand may be different than what their parents expect of them. If one is fortunate enough, their parents might choose to support their decision; yet, most teenagers suffer from the unfortunate event in which their parents feel the need to take control and lead their lives in another direction. The short story “Brother Dear,” is told from the perspective of a young girl named Sharlene. Her brother, Greg, is a university student visiting home. He has always had a different perspective from his father, which eventually caused them to developed issues with one another. This time around however, Greg has come back home to take a stand for his passions and beliefs once and for all. Through the actions of her brother, Sharlene is inspired to do what she has always dreamed of instead of following her father’s expectations. Independence and conformity are the two ideas that are constant within the story. These ideas contrast and conflict with each other to show the reader the struggles of the characters within the story. Greg has already finished his journey to gain his independence, and this story depicted the conclusion of his journey. Sharlene on the other hand, is only at the beginning. Conformity is a conflict that is present throughout the story due to the father’s oppressive ways. Dad pressures Greg to go to the University of Calgary to follow in the footsteps of Dennis, but the plan only seems to backfire; Instead of focusing on school like his father wanted, Greg had discovered a passion of his own. His father had opposed every step of Greg’s

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