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One in every 10 people in America confirmed to the different things that happen in society on daily basis. All of the people have probably confirmed to something at some point in their lives. A lot of people have followed others, been forced, and even stopped form being the individual they wanted to be because they were pressured or wanted to fit in. everyone has done it before regardless if they want to admit it or not. In the novel “There Are No Children Here” some of the characters give into pressure and confirms to end up just a copy. That also happened to the girl in the Twilight Zone episode “Number 12 Looks just Like you” when she was pressured by her society to be like everyone else. Other articles like “Sadness of Conformity” and…show more content…
One of the main characters in the book Lafayette who didn’t want to be like other kids in the projects when his friend Rickey started influencing him to do some bad things, and he started being like him even though he knew that was bad but he choose to confirm and take that route because it was a normal behavior for the projects children. However Lafayette brother pharaohs choose not to be like the projects kids and he went after his choice he wanted to be different and achieve something, just like his cousin Dawn did by finishing high school and going into collage. That could also be seen in the movie mean girl when the girl Katie came back to the united states she made a choice to confirm to the teenage life in America is like because she thought that otherwise they would have never accepted her, so she tried to fit in and she was considered to be a mean girl just because she wanted to follow the crowd. As stated in the article “Sadness of Conformity” that conformity makes it difficult to hang into things that’s important to you and the sad thing is that you don’t even realize you lost it and when you do it’s too late. “You lose something priceless and precious when you are forced to be like everyone…show more content…
One of the characters in the novel “There Are No Children Here” did a lot of bad things that his mind didn’t accept just for the purpose to be accepted by his team. “Terence wanted to fit in, to be accepted by his peers “and the meaning of that is all of Terence intention in doing the stuff he did was for fitting in. Terence Lafayette older brother who grow up in the projects wanted to confirm to what other people in there did so he started doing armed robbery, joined a gang, and gave into the peer pressure because his desire was to belong to that place and that group of people. However he knew that the route he wanted to take wasn’t the best for him but he still took it anyway and the reason was his desires to be accepted by others. In 2000’s teenage society most of the teenagers confirm too many things because they want to fit in. all the things they do, the brands they wear, or even sometimes the words they use to communicate. It’s all different ways teenagers try to confirm and be part of the teenage society. As evidence “Kristin Houghton” states in the article “Sadness of Conformity” “we don’t celebrate who we already are because according to the statistics we want to be like everyone else” (Houghton, 2). That quote is showing how people don’t praise their individuality because they always want to be like someone else

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