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In psychology there are six different approaches to describe the behavior of humans. The approach that is the most logical is the behavioral approach. This approach says that “we are the product of learning and association”, in other words, whatever our parents teach us as children, is how we construe what is right from what is wrong. Two important psychologists that believed in this approach were B.F. Skinner and John B. Watson. Watson wrote a parenting book because he believed that if you raised your children right, then they would not have any psychological issues later in their lives. The behavioral approach has a lot to do with parents and the way they raise their children. In the movie The Breakfast Club, the students talk about their…show more content…
Brian’s parents expect so much from him, they expect him to get all A’s and that puts a lot of pressure on him. When he was younger, his parents must have praised him when he got A’s but didn’t do anything when he got B’s. Brian’s parents gave Brian the idea that he can only get A’s and if he doesn’t then he isn’t good enough. Claire’s parents fought a lot and used her to get back at each other. One parent would tell her one thing, and then the other one would tell her to do the complete opposite; she never knew what to do. If parents are telling a child two different things to do, then the child will not know which to choose. Parenting is about working together, not making the child choose between the two. Andrew’s parents are just like Brian’s parents except they wanted him to be a star athlete. He wrestles and his father wants him to win every match he wrestles, so he stresses over matches and commits all his time to sports. Allison’s parents ignore her a lot. Since they don’t pay any attention to her, she can get away with doing things that a normal teenager, whose parents paid attention to, would not get away with. She tells Andrew that she drinks a lot of vodka, all the time. Her parents don’t care about her so she can do whatever she wants. Bender is kind of the same way. His parents don’t care about him; his father abuses him and calls him names a lot. He also gets away…show more content…
Some parents were too controlling and strict, and others weren’t strict enough. Also some weren’t there for their children enough as they should have been. The behavioral approach is a logical way of describing behavior. It is scientifically proven, and makes it easy to solve problems. You can just change the environment to solve some problems. This approach blames problems on the parents; it is their fault if they don’t raise their children right. The behavioral approach explains why people act they way they

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