The End Of Admiration: The Media And The Loss Of h Essay

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Juan Gutierrez Prof. Swellander Eng. 1301 136 5 April 2011 The End Of Admiration: The media and the loss of Heroes In his article “The End of Admiration,” Peter H. Gibbon is saying that the hero’s we once looked up to are now gone and that the media that once used to promote them no longer do. I kind of agree what he has to say about the hero’s we once had and the media that promoted them but, I also have some of my own views. We don’t have heroes like we used to. It’s the same thing as looking up to someone as you’re role model. Times change and with it so do people. I remember how when I was growing up watching Disney movies like the “Parent Trap,” I would look up to young stars like Lindsay Lohan as role models and hero’s and how I loved the influence they had on kids like my age but, now the stars that were once great hero’s and influences started to fall just like Lindsay Lohan and their reputation for being a role model changed dramatically so, that now instead of being counted on by their fans, they are not being wanted. Lindsay had recently been charged for jewelry theft and this is one example of stars ruining their reputation for being a hero or role model and something like this tells us a lot about how much these stars have changed. “I just want to be on set again and left alone to just work! FYI-I would never steal...also what I wear to court shouldn’t be front page news. It’s just absurd. God bless!” (ET) We once had heroes of all ages in our world who people thought of great importance and influence but, as the world changes around us so do the hero’s that once had an impact on our life’s. I think it’s because our cultures and society change so often that these hero’s tend to change to. The media is not doing a very good job of promoting hero’s like it used to either. When a hero would do

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