Charles Foster Kane Psychological Analysis

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* Discuss the character psychology of Charles Foster Kane as a case of narcissistic personality. Narcissism can be defined as excessive self loving or vanity. This normally comes from people with low self esteem, a terrible ego, or a traumatizing childhood. These are only a few events that cause one to love them more than they should. They feel the need to because no one else will. That line of thought normally comes from having parents who constantly disapprove and ignore their children. They don’t feel like they can escape so some children turn to imaginary friends, others to bad behaviors, and others to self-love, or narcissism. A child being taken away from their parents does more to their mind than anyone can imagine. And children don’t know how to coop so they do the best the can. This is what happened to Charles Kane. He was taken from his parents at an early age and even though he got thrown into a life of luxury, he lacked that parental love and comfort every child needs. Charles Kane is constantly having issues with is relationships due to is narcissistic behavior. He hurts the one he is with and…show more content…
Sometimes the head wants what the heart knows it should not have or the heart wants what the head knows it cannot have and leave the hands confused and lost. Sometimes the heart wants something and it begins to make the hands take action but the head knows what is best and puts a stop to it. But sometimes they all come together and that is when we will feel that sudden moment of bliss. To be a true Christian, one must feel this bliss when it comes to Christ and feel like they have done right when asked. Christians must use their hearts to believe what they believe and their head to tell them how to express what they feel and believe. They use their hands to actually help carry out their plans they think up with their heads and believe with their heart. In Metropolis, these points are

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