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Dark City (1998)- Alex Proyas Genre- Dark City, directed by Alex Proyas is a dystopian Sci-fi film, whilst also venturing into neo-noir where it portrays a world without God and ultimately without light, where the connotations warmth, love and comfort is derived from. A convention of a dystopian sci-fi film will include a form of fear that could endanger the future and ruin humanity. In this film, there is a fear of science and technology being too powerful and have the potential to take over humanity and the world, as the aliens are virtually controlling the characters. Every aspect of their lives are manipulated to change their memories, raising the question whether living a life with no recollection of who you truly are is the same as not having lived at all in a metaphorical sense, as memories are the fundamental makeup of identity. This also implies that the characters do not have a real future, as your past, in other words memories are what your future is based upon. This is where the genre of the film can be described as noir, as it aesthetically reflects the darkness of the ideology with the use of expressionist elements such as the urban locations, extreme angles and lighting. Choice of extract- The choice of extract I have chosen to analyse is the opening scene of this movie, which is from the 0:50 seconds to the 6-minute mark where it shows John Murdoch, the main character awaking in a hotel bathtub, who seems to be suffering from a form of amnesia. He then wondered around the hotel room, hoping to find documents that can prove his identity. He soon receives a phone call from Dr. Daniel Schreber, who urges him to leave the hotel room, as he is wanted by a group called “The Strangers”. During the phone call, he finds a corpse along with a bloody knife and soon realizes he is wanted for a series of murders, which he cannot seem to remember. This

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