Compare and Contrast Psycho

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Alfred Hitchcock vs. Gus Van Sant Psycho Majority of people love to sit down and watch a good old classic movie, like a horror movie. What comes to mind when we think of classic horror black & white, and poor quality film? The one movie that comes to mind is the infamous Psycho directed by the king of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. Psycho was released in the 1960and was filmed in black and white. There was no rating for the movie at time of release; In recent years Psycho hit the Big screen again, but with a new director Gus Van Sant decided to remakes, version of the infamous Bates motel. Therefore in this essay we will be addressing and comparing the scene, the casting, and theme in both film (Hitchcock ’60) vs. (Van Sant ’98) to show the difference and the similarities in both movies. It’s really isn’t a surprise when horror movies are remade. Therefore director Van Sant did choose to remake this film through similar camera appearance; updating this movie with modern style and contemporary colors to the film that added a new spin on the old film. In the original film (Hitchcock) the old dark and colorless film, the creep music provide the viewers an idea that something wicked is about to happen. Therefore again both directors did provide enough action to carry over to each scene. In the remake the casting was truly wrong; For instance the infamous character Norman Bates, the psychopathic motel owner was played by fast talking, macho man Vince Vaughn. In the remake the Norman appears to be more of a sexual predator, whom would actually please himself as he watch Marion through a peephole in the shower scene; which gives the audience a different point of view about this film and van sant character Norman. However in the original version Anthony Perkins plays Norman Bates, who truly fit the character with calmer attitude, and good boy looks as Norman.
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