Essay Comparing Frankenstein And Blade Runner

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Although sharing little in setting or premise, the texts Frankenstein and Blade Runner share many of the same concerns as they both challenge the values and morals of the societies in which they were set, most notably the notion of what it means to be human, as well as articulating the composers' critique of the advancement in science and technology. Both texts also exhibit the consequences of imprudent creation and the hubris of an individual to rise above and disrupt the natural order. Written in the eighteen hundreds by aggrieved writer Mary Shelley, the novel Frankenstein presents readers with a Romanticist perspective of technology ‘dehumanizing’ mankind as society was not made clear of their indistinct boundaries. Through Victor’s regression, “I, the true murderer, felt the never dying worm alive in my bosom”, the symbols of the ‘worm’ explore the downfall in…show more content…
The replicants are artificial, the memories are artificial. Technology has well and truly taken over. Akin to Frankenstein, Blade Runner acts as a severe warning to the depressing future we may have if we try to push advances of science and technology further and further beyond the limit. As before mentioned, it is the hubris of the protagonists in each text that causes the highest diminution of humanity. In both texts, both protagonists seek earnestly to become God-like by taking on the role of creator, Frankenstein with the monster, and Tyrell with the replicants. Both texts show that their protagonists seek, above all, fame. Their selfish pride drives them to cross the line, as all they truly desire is to be the first to do the extraordinary, the first to cross uncharted lands. Frankenstein can be related to John Milton’s Paradise Lost, as Victor seeks to earn himself a God-like
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