Poo-Tee Weet Analysis

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War is a difficult topic, especially when someone has to describe it. Vonnegut tries his best to capture the mass destruction the war caused to the city of Dresden and the citizens within. Vonnegut places a bird twice in the novel saying the same line. The bird seems to be asking a question “One bird said to Billy Pilgrim, Poo-tee-weet” (Vonnegut, 215)? The bird appears in two spots in the book: First, the bird sings outside Billy’s hospital window and second, as the last line in the book. In each occasion the bird is asking a question through the use of witless onomatopoeia. “Poo-tee-weet” is an onomatopoeia because the word is a sound that imitates of a bird chirping. The reason it is witless is because no one has a response to…show more content…
Kurt Vonnegut says that war is a horrible act throughout his novel “Slaughterhouse-five”. War has left silence in Billy because he does not know how to respond to the silence after the massacre. A bird fills the silence with nonsense by asking a question, “poo-tee-weet”? That phrase is meaningless although there is nothing intelligent one can say about a massacre. The bird makes just as much sense as anybody who would speak about war. A consequence of war leaves the person speechless. Another phrase, “so it goes” is used every time death is mention in the novel, which occurred a lot. The tone is morbid because Billy believes in good and bad moments. So if someone dies, they are alive in another moments. Another consequence of war turns the person into an impassiveness personality which causes the person to not care about their loved ones deaths. “So it goes” also represents what Tralfamadorians believe in. Tralfamadorians also believe in moments and they provide Billy a peace of mind. The Tralfamadorians were a metaphor to compare how mentally ill a person must be to create aliens, and change time, all just to justify war. Even though war can not be justified. Time was a big detail in the novel such as
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