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The Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago performed fairly well. The incorporated classical jazz with something new that added some flair. This show was my first time watching a jazz company perform and it was quite an experience. Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago performed six pieces that were all entertaining for the audience. The six pieces were Hysterical Silence, Wings, Taal, Giordano Moves, The Man That Got Away, and ritual dynamic. Since this was my first professional dance show, I had it made up in my mind, to concentrate on the show and the technique of the dancers. This proved to be impossible. The way the dancers moved and the gestures they performed had me mesmerized. The first performance was titled, Hysterical Silence. The opening was pretty…show more content…
He was very professional. About thirty seconds into his performance the music began to skip, and Cesar had to continue without it. When the music began skipping Cesar did not even flinch. He continues just as powerful if not more. Then, about forty-five seconds from the end the music comes back on and lets his ending catch the audience. I loved his confidence and professionalism. Due to the fact his music cut off, that did not stop him from performing his choreography. The third dance was called Taal. It was a mix of dances that appeared to included Bollywood. The dance had a lot of hand movement and movement of the hips. This dance was different from all the others because they had props. In this dance they used drapes. I loved the way the used the drapes so that they added to the dances rather than take attention away from them. The dance included both the women and men. The strength of the dancers was shown. Then came the Giordano Moves. This was classical jazz all the way. I suppose the dancers wanted to show were they had come from and where they were up to this day. Everything included within this ensemble was classical, even the costumes. Thy wore suits that covered their entire bodies in all black. This represent the way dancers dressed in the past. I enjoy seeing the precision they gave and the way the made the routine look

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