Dance Analysis: Promethean Fire

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Jessica Gonzalez 9-23-09 Promethean Fire Evaluation Promethean Fire is a very complex dance that has meaning to it. This dance seems to be very particular in how it was played out. The dance was particular because the name of the dance had a lot to do with the whole dance. The movement was just like a fire moving in a fast pace and very chaotic. The dancers are all focused on the dance in what they were wearing. All of them matched because they all wore black and the background was black, so there was no distractions. The whole thing was all based on a Greek titan named Prometheus, because there is a long story where he stole…show more content…
The energy went up when it seemed very dramatic. When the sadness came in the tempo of the whole dance went way down and focused in on the two lovers of the whole dance. The dancers all seemed to all have the same energy. They all had the same energy because it looked as if the put hours of practice on keeping it just right. There was no slackers because all of them knew what they were doing the entire time. I also noticed that the dancers never took any sort of break in between. The dance kept going on and on and they all had the energy to do that and that takes so much practice. So not only do they have to practice all the steps they also have to remember that they need the energy to be able to withstand the whole time with out no stops . This dance seemed to be very precise. My evaluation says that it was a very sad but yet entertaining dance. The Greek story about how Prometheus stole the fire from Zeus was in there because of the fire, but what I realized was that it seemed to be more of a love story than anything else. The lifts and in how they were executed was very well. The story seemed to be very well thought of, The dancers all was very good. The timing, the way they dressed, and the way that it is put was very well thought of as well. Anybody should watch it they would enjoy it, but it may be a little bit confusing but it still works

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