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D-Man in the Waters The man in the waters was a great dance through strength, stamina, and serious technical training is some of the key elements of what allows you to get through one of Bill T. Joneses dances. I really enjoyed the moments where the company did everything in unison as well as spontaneously. I’m not really a fan of the music he chose it’s kind of distracting to the choreography loud and obnoxious. I would have chosen something a little more subtle and abstract. Bill T. Jones used blue and a lot of water colors to give us the feel of the water and how it moves very rapidly in many directions. The many formations helped enhanced the choreography also knowing how many dancers to have on the stage at a time for different parts. This also helped give the dancers breaks when they needed them throughout…show more content…
There were many attitudes and bent legs the choreography was very much grounded and very low to the earth. Very long lines the movement continued and stayed very fluid. With this being a award winning work of art I can truly understand why its complication being able to make the great Bill T. Jones work come to life its greatness in itself. Being able to pull through this choreography shows great gratitude and dedication from his company. The work tells a story about and it goes into great detail and makes it very clear through precise graceful movement each part of the story that is taking place at the moment. Not only being able to perform but being able to execute it to its full potential is beyond words. I naturally reflect a lot not only about steps but about what else is given to us as a viewer that the artist wanted us to see but didn’t point out directly. All I can think about is the long hours of rehearsal and constant repetition. When you are around people who are all feeling the exhaustion that everyone else is feeling can you

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