Morgan State University Dance Ensemble

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At many universities, convocations are held to assemble students and faculty to take part in enrichment as they listen to speakers, view performances and more. Once a year, Morgan State University showcases the work of its tremendously talented students. This wonderful event takes place during the university hour on a Thursday morning in the Murphy Fine Arts Center. This particular convocation is one of Performing Arts following the theme of “Voices and Songs of the Civil Rights Movement”. There were powerfully delivered performances by the Morgan State University Choir, the Morgan State University Dance Ensemble, and Theatre Morgan that portrayed significant messages through art. It began with a welcoming address from the Coordinator for General Education…show more content…
The first piece entitled “That’s Where It’s At” seems to emphasize the idea of Black Power. This was portrayed by three African American males who fell into character perfectly. This performance was followed by another entitled “To Feel Is To Understand”, which was a soul moving experience. The dancers in this piece conveyed the song and story in such a way that it was enough to bring tears to ones eyes. The Dance Ensemble returned once more with a fast paced African piece, also executed with such force and feeling to move the audience. The Dance Ensemble certainly enlightened many through the power of rhythm, dance, and movement. Lastly, the world renowned Morgan State University Choir took the stage with the power to move the entire crowd. They performed a few compelling songs entitled “I Know I’ve Been Changed”, “If I Can Help Somebody”, “His Light Still Shines”, “Set Me Free”, and “United We Stand”, all holding strong to the theme of this assembly. The soloists were absolutely wonderful and the choir was perfect on its own. These songs certainly moved the spirits of many and touched the hearts of
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