Culture Deprivation Is the Main Cause of Underachievement Amongst Working Class Students.

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Asses the View That Culture Deprivation Is the Main Cause of underachievement amongst working class students. It may be argued that due to lack of family structure and social, a child is more likely to underachieve. There are many cultural deficiencies often associated with a child's potential and achievement. Cultural deprivation is a theory that many working-class children are inadequately socialised and therefore lack the "right" culture appropriate for a successful education. Working class children are less likely to succeed because they are less likely to be found in nursery schools, less likely to go to university and more likely to be poor readers when they start school, more likely to be in lower sets and streams in secondary school, more likely to leave school early, more likely to underachieve at GCSEs and a level, more likely to be excluded and suspended .This is because the middle-class culture children are adequately prepared for school, but it's totally reverse for working-class culture, it basically fails to prepare children adequately for educational success. It is often said that intellectual development is vital in the younger years of a child life, this refers to a child's ability to solve problems and apply concepts and ideas. Bernstein and Young argue that Middle-class families will be able to afford toys that stimulate the mind, books and pre educational essentials, whereas the working class may struggle to buy such equipment, and therefore have a disadvantage compared to the Middle-class family. Language is also associated with a child's progress. Early socialisation is what gives children this manor of speech and Bernstein argues it makes children feel at home, in a school surrounding and allows children to express themselves clearly and efficiently. Bernstein identified two types of speech patterns, these were restricted code, which
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