Asses the View That the Main Cause of Underachievement in Education Is a Students Ethnicity

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Asses the view that the main cause of underachievement in education is a students ethnicity. Most studies have found out that, overall, ethnic minorities tend to do less well than other members of the population, in educational performance 73% of pupils of Indian origin pupils achieved 5 A* - C passes at GCSE level compared to 56% of white pupils and 47% black pupils. In-School Factors such as teacher labelling, institutional racism, ethnocentric curriculum and finally the selection process have a big effect on different ethnicities. These are interpretivist views and they believe achievement is linked to internal factors. However structuralist such as functionalist and marxist believe there are also other factors outside of school that affect educational achievement such as cultural, material and linguistic deprivation. It has been known for a long time that different ethnic groups appear to have differing rates of educational attainment. Whilst no ethnic group is naturally less capable than any other we can identify patterns of achievement associated with ethnic groups. There is a general concern about the achievement level of Black minorities. For example, there is data to show that they are far more likely to be permanently excluded from than other ethnicities. One argument that refutes the statement being assessed is the marxist belief of material deprivation. This means ethnic minorities with less money are at more of a disadvantage than others and so they are not able to make the most of their educational opportunities. They believe the most important factor to consider in educational achievement is wealth. Ethnic minorities are in there first generation of wealth and Marxist believe they primarily underachieve due to their class. Also they may not have the time and space at home to do school work. They may not have the funds for educational trips; and they
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