Advantages Of Meritocracy

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It is perceived that Canada is a meritocratic system or society in which people have influence or status according to their abilities and achievements rather than because of their social class. This goes hand in hand with the “American/Canadian dream” that if you’ll work hard, have the right attitude, have a high moral character and integrity you’ll be successful and achieve your goals. Unfortunately, according to sociologists, meritocracy is a myth. We live in a society that is in denial about the very existence of inequality. Canadians strongly resist viewing their society as one characterized by entrenched inequities (Allahar & Coté, 1998). In Canada, and many other modern world countries, children are not born equal to adults, women are not born equal to men, black people are not born equal to white people, nor are the poor born equal to the wealthy. Canadian…show more content…
Many lower class citizens are at or below the poverty line and are have and unavoidable disadvantages and poorer chances to discover life’s possibilities. Regardless of the potential and ambition that a lower class individual could possess, he or she will not be given opportunities to succeed like a higher class individual. People who are considered lower class do not have access to many of the resources like a wealthier societies do. Based on their economic situation, they automatically start behind the eight ball. Wealthier societies have exceptional educational services which include better teachers, utilities, and curriculum, whereas poorer societies just get by on the bare minimum. Children who do not become well educated will not succeed as far as they may like to because their knowledge and qualifications will limit them. Without that education, it is extremely difficult for individuals with low incomes to overcome the poverty barrier and they will most likely end up in a
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