Negative Effects Of Low-Ses Parenting

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Negative Effects of Low-SES Parenting Children are at a disadvantage when they are parented by individuals of low-socioeconomic status. Low-socioeconomic parents of today are preoccupied with what resources they lack such as food, clothing and shelter that they do not pay close enough attention to their children's academic and behavioral welfare. In a nationwide study of American kindergarten children, 36% of parents in the lowest-income quintile read to their children on a daily basis, compared with 62% of parents from the highest-income quintile (Coley, 2002).These hardships create stress for the parents and are in turn reflected in their parenting. Socially many of the children who are residents of a lower income area seem to be categorized as unfit for greater academic achievement. This pessimistic view on the abilities of low socioeconomic income youth continues to influence their lack of academic performance. Children who are raised under harsh financial circumstances are deprived of the psychological and educational resources leaving them ill prepared and more likely to be unsuccessful adults in the future. Economics and race plays a factoring role in the quality of living conditions of many individuals. In the American society many people are struggling to make ends meet within their everyday lives. Many are living from paycheck to paycheck, essentially not always guaranteed the proper wages in order to meet all of their needs. In many of the low-income communities the population of minorities is much higher than in many middle-class and high-income communities(Myers,2008). The essential needs of the average individual; food/beverage, shelter, clothing and health care are compromised if the individual is economically deprived. If the individual does not have money to provide themselves with adequate food/beverage, a series of health ailments may

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