Cultural Diversity in Our Classrooms

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September 22, 2012 Cultural Diversity Class Session When concerning how teachers deal with a subject of cultural diversity in the classroom and effectively teach in a culturally diverse classroom, it is one of the most impactful areas in the classroom that isn’t been given enough attention. I believe the problem in this area is the awareness level for teachers, with how drastically things change from comic books to internet social media, or from comfortable living to a recession, times have changed. It is time for teachers to change with the time so they may be better suitable and effective in the classroom. Teachers must find a way to learn about their students better and understand them in order to properly challenge and give them a way to prosper in their education. I believe that part on being culturally aware in the classroom teacher must build knowledge of what the student bring into the classroom. This concerns areas of the students’ life, students’ family, students’ community, and the students’ cultural background. In this we dive into a deeper level of commitment with our students giving them the message that we as teacher are not here just to be another authority figure, but we are here to be an understanding mentor that is aiding in the process of their growth. Doing so would call teachers to challenge their student on an individual level. With this challenge on the individual level, teachers should begin to learn the background of their students, with this new gained knowledge; know how to approach challenging each student in a different way that best suites the student. In understand how to challenge the student however, I believe that it is imperative to understand that we know some origins as to where the students drive comes from and what type of support they have at home to help them along the way. By support I mean the connection between how
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