Different Approaches to Learning Can Affect Student Success in Higher Education

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Module Code: GEN 002 Group: 5 D Module Title: Skills for Study 1 Essay Title: Different approaches to learning can affect student success in higher education. Instructor Name: N. Walli Name: Rojan M. Fatah ID Number: 2339 Date of Submission: May 30, 2012 Word Count:1081 words Presently peoples know more about learning and understanding with the ways they learn than previously. We can provide the main consequences for tutoring and the way of teaching by studying individual's thinking and the way of their thinking to afford information which we need to support our ideas and researches. The most important alteration over the last epochs has been replaced from teaching to learning. Nowadays teachers should be conscious of how students learn so as to create and develop their teaching strategy and learning actions. Because the way which teachers use has a straight effect on individual's learning and understanding. Those data's objectives is to motivate students to begin thinking about learning and find out the way they prefer and they can understand. We can classify the approaches to learning in to two types: surface learning and deep learning. Each person's thinking effect on which way they choose. The way of learning has effects on learning and understanding. Approaches to learning has contain inclinations, attitudes, and learning style and quality. Different approaches to learning can make students challenge to think about the ways they use and which one is the best for them. Students should choose one of the ways which is more suitable for them. There are many affects which have influence on student's decision while choosing one of the approaches. Students can take different approaches to learning. These approaches are not stable. They could be affected by many causes. Many factors effect on students when they choose deep learning or

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