Appropriate Behavior Expectations Case Study

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Appropriate Behavior Expectations Case Study Cindy Dean Instructor: Kristen Jaquez June 1, 2014 Appropriate Behavior Expectations Case Study There are some teachers that have special prospects for their students. One example is to follow directions in the classroom or anywhere. A teacher may tell a student to take a seat or even get in line; it is predictable for them to follow the rules. A teacher should not ever place hard problematic situations on their students, especially young children. You really cannot imagine children who range the age of seven thru eight to grasp the information as teenagers can do. Another example could be to use your inside voice or may be quiet time when a teacher is doing a tutorial is being explained. The student must value other people who are trying to listen or even learn the materials that are being taught in the classroom. All age groups should learn to value others and the importance of being sociable. The vital abilities that each child must pick up are to understand necessary instructions. This is an important age that children are attempting to guess who they are. Educators will have to help the students if they need it because certain circumstances that students will rely on the teacher more than their own parents. I am certain that Ron’s conduct has a lot to do with the new surroundings. When a student is in new surroundings they will search and test the grounds on which they can and cannot do. There can be a fundamental reason such as ADHD. When a student is over active they could have developmental problems, and maybe they are frightened to have the child tested. The plan that I would use is clarifying the rules in the classroom and then displaying him or her classroom techniques. Maybe sometimes you have to show the student more than once to understand the procedures. Ron’s previous school may have been

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