Crow Lake Essay

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Success is life giving you a chance at something great, and you take that chance and work for it. Failure is something one would avoid but it just happens. These failures can affect peoples’ lives more than one would think. In the novel Crow Lake by Mary Lawson, Kate’s family plays a major role in her success and failures in life. Her family was given choices to make throughout the novel, and the choices made by them led to her success and failure. Some of the success’ that Kate had in her life happened because of Luke’s sacrifice to keep the family together, Matt’s mistake that led him to give up school and give Kate that chance, the bond the children had with the pond which gave her, her passion and Daniels push that led Kate to realize that some of her failures were because of herself. The failures in Kate’s life were caused by family, but not on purpose. Her obsession with Matt kept her from truly loving Daniel Crane which was her boyfriend for over a year, the “House Rule” which kept Kate from opening up and keeping the bond between her and her family strong, and Matt’s dream, which she succeeded but and the guilt kept her from enjoying it. Kate Morrison’s family plays a large role in her life’s success. Throughout Kate’s life, she is faced with challenges that would change anyone’s life and some of these changes led to success in her life. In the novel, Crow Lake, Kate’s family led her to her success. Luke Morrison’s sacrifice to give up school so that the family could stay together, Matt Morrison’s mistake of when he got Mary Pye pregnant and had to give up school for her, their bond with the pond which led to Kate’s passion, and Daniel’s push to have her open up. Luke’s sacrifice played one of the largest roles in Kate’s success. When the Morrison parents died, the Morrison kids were going to be split apart so that the kids would be taken care of by
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