Collage Rationale for Kate Morrison in Crow Lake

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Collage Rationale for Kate Morrison In the novel Crow Lake by Mary Lawson, the major character, Kate Morrison goes through emotional phases in her life involving family history, love and glowing resentments after her parent’s death in a car crash; on her quest to make life hopeful, reassuring and successful she undergoes some changes. Kate was a girl whose parents died when she was seven and therefore was brought up by her older brothers, and as she grew up, she began to see things differently from others. Kate valued her family; she loved her siblings very much especially Matt. Matt, a naturally born genius took Kate to the pond regularly and taught her about the creatures in the pond, she valued his knowledge and lifestyle and that made her afraid of disappointing him. She was motivated by him to go to school and study to become a biologist. She later on decided that she would become an invertebrate biologist and this was because of the death of a water boat man that died as a result of pollution. Due to the death of Kate’s parents, Kate had issues with her relationship with Daniel; she could not attach herself to him because she was afraid he would disappear. She valued privacy and didn’t like discussing family issues with other people including Daniel, she couldn’t trust him and she didn’t emote with him. Kate also believed that education was the key to success in life, she valued learning and this was because of Matt’s influence on her. She believed that nothing should get in the way of one’s education, she was so determined to succeed and she didn’t allow her relationship with Daniel to get in the way. Changes were seen in Kate as she yearned to leave Crow Lake a small town to a large city with no intentions of coming back. Her strong love for her siblings gradually diminished, she was embarrassed by them when they came for her graduation and the great

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