Truth And Bright Water Analysis

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The novel “Truth and Bright Water” by Thomas King was written in the summer time during the 1970’s. Aunt Cassie was one of the characters in the story, she was a very distant, and quiet family member. She travels the world, you name it and she has been there. She also has some secrets; she has a daughter, who she lost 15 years ago. Cassie has been trying to locate her, but had no luck. She also goes around with a lot of men; she really puts herself out there in the wrong ways. Aunt Cassie faces a huge challenge, when she is trying to let go of her past, let go MIA (her daughter), to move on. She tried to find MIA but didn’t succeed, so she finally just let her go. She did it for herself, not only because it is good for her well-being, might she have another baby on the way (as hints were thrown in the book). When Aunt Cassie was a young girl, she…show more content…
. She begins to learn that no matter what, she isn’t going to find MIA so it’s time to stop. So she basically pushes herself to “move on” and let go of MIA. Near the end of the story, Aunt Cassie takes the bag of baby clothes and throws them in the fire. This shows that she has finally gotten over MIA and the baby clothes burning is a sign of letting go and Aunt Cassie is starting to breathe and return to her life. This is a positive change for Cassie, because burning the clothes gave her a lot of courage in life to be someone who isn’t hanging on to something she really can’t have. Her burning the clothes didn’t change her, but there was a change which gave her the courage and readiness to let it all go. Aunt Cassie learned that she can’t have everything in life; she realized that MIA wasn’t going to be found. All that really matters is that she’s happy and healthy and Aunt Cassie knows deep down that she is MIA’s mother and nothing and no one can change that. Thomas King created this
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