Critically discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of a Weberian state bureaucracy.

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Critically discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of a Weberian state bureaucracy. In this essay I am going to look at the weberian’s views of bureaucracy and the state and I am going to look at the disadvantages and the advantages of his theory. The theory of bureaucracy was founded by Weber it was founded in the nineteenth century in France, and most of the information comes from Maximilian Carl Emil Weber he was the major influence on this idea. He was from Germany and he was seen as one of the main founders of sociology and public administration. The reason why there is not a lot of information in regard to Webbers theory and the information that is available is very vague is because Weber was living in Germany and the world war. It was Weber’s ideas that led to the popularization of the term bureaucracy, nearly all ideas involved with modern public administration and the hierarchically organized civil service of the continental type is called the ‘Weberian civil service’ Bureaucracy is a body of administrative officials that deals with procedures and tasks; these are seen as the state and the formal organizations. Writing at the beginning of the twentieth century, Weber saw bureaucratic organisations as having a dominant influence on the industrial society. He made point of the rise in the civil service, the armed forces and educational institutions. Weber acknowledges that the existent of bureaucracy varied between organisations and industrial societies. He beloved that bureaucracy is essential in industrial societies, the growth of this was because of the development of new forms of power, in all societies some individuals will show that they have power over others, and for this Weber beloved that they had the ability to got others to comply with their wish, whether they agreed or not, this power became authority. In pre-industrial
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