How Did The Nazis Remain In Power

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To what extent did the Nazis remain in power due to support from popular policies? The Nazis ruled germany from 1933 to 1939 and were relatively unchallenged. This is a source of debate given that when they came to power although they were the most popular party they had never won the majority of public support in elections and Hitler had twice been beaten by Hindeburg in the Presidential election. Furthermore once in power the Nazi power was limited as Hitler only had 2 other nazis' in the government. The reason behind their remaining in power has been put down to genuine support gained from popular policies introduced by Hitler. However others take a more cynical view that clever use of propaganda was used to enhance the image of the Nazis and Hitler to strengthen their support base as well as intimidate opposition. This use of intimidation and fear is put forward by other historians who argue that it was essential in preventing opposition and ensuring…show more content…
Through examining these factors this essay intents to argue that popular policies did help the Nazis remain in power to a small extent, however the other factors also were required. The presence of force confirms that Nazi remaining in power did not rely solely on genuine support. On the one hand there is evidence that the Nazis introduced popular social and economic policies which won them support to enable them to stay in power. Most significantly was the drop in unemployment. This dropped from just below 6 million when Hitler came to power to 250,000 in 1938 and had disappeared by 1939. Public work schemes created jobs – building roads, schools, houses etc. The newly employed enjoyed wages 10 times the income they received when unemployed For those that remembered the depths of the depression with 6 million unemployed, they
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