Criminal Psychology: Trauma That Influences Crimin

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Criminal Psychology: Trauma that influences criminal behavior Criminal activity is the act of an individual breaking a law. This could vary from a violent murder to a simple argument out in public. Criminals are usually prosecuted and sometimes are not granted a fair trail due to the severity of the crime they have committed, but could there be a psychological reason as to why an individual is persuaded to commit a crime? This has been a controversial debate that has been researched over the years. It is believed that certain traumas and different environments have a great effect on how ones mind develops. If these environments are not emotionally stable, many things could go wrong psychologically. Also it is said less traumatic things, such as smoking while pregnant and substance abuse can cause psychological problems, later on causing criminal behaviors into adult-hood. Anyone being raised around a dysfunctional surrounding is bound to end up with some sort of emotional detachment, could’ve caused them to veer onto the path of committing crimes. Firstly, there are many factors that can exacerbate childhood trauma that will later on cause a person to engage in criminal activity. For instance, some researches tend to use the term “Adverse Child Experiences’’ also known as ACE, this includes a multitude of childhood trauma’s involving sexual and emotional abuse, child neglect, or substance abuse (Going Bonkers Magazine, Kathleen Kendall Page 44. ) When a child is faced with these many unexplained acts of trauma it usually leads to Psychological changes, which causes Harmful behaviors towards themselves or others (Kendall, Page 45). This could be due to the fact that they are always exposed to physical abuse, and they will feel the need

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