The Theories as to Why Crimes Happen

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The Theories as to why Crimes Happen There are many reasons behind an individual wanting to commit a crime. It could have something to do with, what happened in their past. They may also be in some type of financial turmoil or they want to do it just so they can get a high from it. Whatever the reason may be, we need to understand why these crimes happen. Many people believe that crimes are committed because people have mental issues, however that is not the case. Based on the research done by criminologists there are numerous theories as to why crimes happen, such as, biological, sociological and psychological. (Michaelson, Peter, January 10, 2012) The idea that there is a biological connection with crime is fairly recent. This idea started getting more attention back in the 19th century. Before, that individuals were believed to have control over their moods and directional approaches. Relating a criminal’s action to biology was not considered a defense. It was believed that crime originated from sin and moral failing. This view was changed when advancements in the social and natural sciences, mainly in genetics started to happen and more people started to accept that certain biological traits can cause crime, such as hormones or genetics. (Ferris, David, August 25, 2013) Hormones are not determined by the environment but instead biologically. Hormones can have a huge influence on emotions and this can impact criminal behavior. Hormonal imbalances can be a cause of aggression, which can turn into acts of violence or property damage. Crimes such as sexual abuse have also been linked to hormonal imbalances. Pedophiles are more commonly known for this type of behavior, according to a retired Detective, Pat Kehoe, who used to work for the New York Police Department in the Brooklyn sex crimes squad. Detective Kehoe recalls a case, in which she received a call from
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