Criminal Justice Ethics Simulation Case Study

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Criminal Justice Ethics Simulation 1. My first chose in decision 1. Would be to challenge my partner about how he conducted the interview. Although, my partner might have strong beliefs that the two offenders committed the crime he was justified in how he went about properly conducting the interview. First, he broke the department policy by not video recording the interview which was essential to built a solid case if they had confess in which he claimed the two did. Secondly, he did not have either of the young offenders guardian(s) present which was a grand mistake. Not only did he confess to intentionally crossing the line by avoiding bringing in the parents and including them in the interview he probably is also guilty of coercing them in the confession. According, to the self-incrimination clause it clearly states that any statement made by defendant(s) while in police custody before trail will be inadmissible during prosecution unless the police first warn the defendants that they have the right to remain silent, the right to consult an attorney before being questioned, the right to have an attorney present during police questioning, the right to a court appointed attorney if they cannot afford one, the right to be informed that any statement they do make can…show more content…
I am confident in the decision I have declared because the offenders should not have been convicted of this crime simply because there were so many loop holes in which they could have been entrapped especially, during the interview interrogation. After spending fourteen years with one of the offenders losing his life there was no facts really that led towards a factual conviction of them committing this crime. Fourteen years later one of the offenders was release and one dead while being incarcerated. The case was reopened and a new DNA test was conducted including that the strain of hair found on one of the original suspects was found to not be from the victim as originally
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