Welcome To Go Sports Rhetorical Analysis

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Welcome to Go Sports. So you want to work in GS? It is easy to work here however, my expectations are very high. Do you think you got what it takes to work here? Try the questions below. It is fine if you feel that you are not up to my mark, some do and that’s why they are working for me. I don’t sacked workers unless they do something stupid like stealing from me. I will push the police all the way to ensure that you go to court. So think about it before you try or are tempted to do so. Please answer the questionnaires below so that I know if you fit into my tough requirement. If I don’t call you, it means you have failed. 1. What kind of salary are you expecting? a) Regular hour rates b) Basic allowance but with commission. Choose one…show more content…
If a customer tries on many items and don’t buy anything, what is your first reaction? I will be disappointed as I will expect them to buy something after trying out many items. Still they are our customers, so I would put a smile and tell them to come back if they change their mind and ask if they would want to reserved the items as you never know that item would be gone by the next day. 9. You see your co-worker stealing; do you keep quiet or advice him against it? I know you will not report it so if I view the camera and saw what happened, you automatically become a part of it and I will report you to the police as well. I am strongly against stealing. It isn’t a right thing to do and if I were to see my co-worker stealing, I would talk him out and ask him to put it back or else I would just report it to you. 10. Do you think all the above are too tough to comply? Nope. I think this is what a job is about isn’t It? Here are some of the things that you cannot do as well assuming you pass the tough test above. 1. Not smoke break. You can only smoke during lunch or break time. 2. No hand phones allowed in work area unless we give you permission to do so. 3. No

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