Persuasive Speech: Felony Voting Should Be Allowed

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Felony Voting Jonathan Vilcapoma California State University Fresno TOPIC: Felony Voting SPECIFIC PURPOSE: The purpose of this speech is to persuade others about that felony voting should be allowed. INTRODUCTION: Today ill be going over on why we should let felons vote. Felons have made mistakes in their life at a point where they might or might not regret. There punishment can be over a year sentence to jail, and losing their privilege to vote for mayor, president, or any sort of election. They are just like us, but for what they have done to become a felon must have been hard for them to make a choice like that. People; don’t interact with them, because they have that view on them as being a murder. So Do you believe felons should…show more content…
My punishment was that I got hit by the belt, grounded for a month, and couldn’t play soccer. After that experience I never kicked the ball inside the house, because I new what the consequence where if it happen…show more content…
Now compare that to a felon perspective, he gets sentenced to jail, which the max can be over a year according to (Felon voting rights 2012), and has to pay for his depth. b. What experience have they learned? 3. After that experience in jail, and paying his sentences, don’t you think he/she has earned his privilege to vote again? 4. Felons are no different from anyone, because we all do make mistakes, but those mistakes that we do, we learn from them to make us a better person, and not committed the same mistakes in our life’s. c. Studies show that felons that commit crime as much, if they vote. 5. According to (democracyghost. Org)” A study in Minnesota showed that felons who voted in the previous biennial election had a far lower risk of committing another crime than non-voting felons, and that this effect holds net of age, race and criminal history”. Transition: Now, if you’re a democrat, republican or any other party, a felon vote can change the out come for someone’s party to win. II. Felons vote can make a difference for a paty. d. The difference in voting. 6. If every felon could vote the ratio would be way different in elections

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