Civil Rights Violations Case Study

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Kristazsa Allong Colorado Technical University September 16, 2013 When looking into this scenario, there is so much that could have been wrong with the way the officers handled the situation. There of course is the natural instinct to want to protect everyone and to do your job, but remembering at the same time that people do have rights is something that cops tend to forget at times. (Reuters, 2013, p. 1) A lot of factors can come into play when looking at the law suit that was filed for having his civil rights violated. The factors on race, force of the officers, and lack of information could all end up with him winning the trail. The fact that they went after the gentleman solely on his race of what the lady believed looked to him…show more content…
She had no right to be out of the car and the officers did order her to go back into her car. She should have listened to them because of the fact that she had no idea what was going on. Her failure to comply with what the officers were saying and telling her to do is what caused her to have to be detained in the first place. I do believe however that the officers engaged in racial profiling, and this could be something that would be looked at when they are reviewing whether or not the man’s individual rights were violated. The fact that they only pulled their weapons on him and only had the information of him being Asian that caused them to draw their weapons on him in the first place, is what would led them to believe that it is social profiling. (City of San Diego, 2013, p. 1) If this situation led to having to be taken into the citizen review board I would support it. The reason being is that the police department is there to keep the citizens safe and to ensure that they know that they will be taken care of. If I opposed the citizen review board they would switch it to the police officers not supporting the public. It is important for them to know that we are there to support them. (City of San Diego, 2013, p.

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