Corrections Trends Evaluation

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Corrections Trend Evaluation CJA/394 March 2012 Corrections Trend Evaluation The role of correctional systems or prison related facilities, programs, or services are to make society a safer place. Prisons are based on the idea that some people are so terribly evil that they do not need to be in with society and that they need to be cut off from the rest of society and closely monitored. What happens once a person is sent into a prison system then must be released back into society? Today we will take a look at what happens when people have been placed through the prison system and community corrections and the outcomes they make on these individuals. Throughout most of the twentieth century, the dominant philosophies have been incapacitation, deterrence, and retribution. Prison overcrowding is one of the major global issues that we are facing today. Overcrowding is a major problem in the United States; however some countries have it worse than what we see, for example, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and most Asian countries see overcrowded prisons as a problematic issue. Housing more inmates in a cell than what it is designed for is common in the United States and anywhere else overcrowding is present. The average prison cell built today is at least 70 square feet, but only about 60 square feet are usable, resulting in only about 30 square feet of available space per prisoner if double celled ( Since overcrowding is a major issue facing today’s prisons, it is sad to see that California’s prisons have the most overcrowded conditions, conditions so bad that it has been deemed a violation of the prisoners Eighth Amendment Right (the right against cruel and unusual punishment) To combat this problem, the Unites States Supreme Court has issued release of California inmates, in order to control the issue of overcrowding. To
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