Issues of Overcrowding in Prisons

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RUNNING HEAD: THE ISSUES 1 The Issues of Overcrowding in Prisons By Barbarito Capote ENGL107-1203B English Composition 2 July 29, 2012 RUNNING HEAD: THE ISSUES 2 Outline: I. Intro a. Overcrowding in prisons a huge issue i. Not enough prisons to reduce overcrowding b. Solutions to prison overcrowding c. Prisons as an end result have suffered from overcrowding causing higher suicide rates as well as increased diseases, sharing of beds and toilets, etc. Because of this overcrowding of prisons is a big issue. II. Body a. Author Roy Walmsley (2005) states that, “Overcrowding in prisons has a negative impact on health care and consequently the international standards insist that accommodation for prisoners must include sufficient space” (p. 1). i. International Standards for accommodating prisoners a. Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners b. Health problems in prison c. Occupancy rates in different parts of the world ii. How crowded are the prisons? a. Populations of jails and prisons in the United States b. Rising of incarceration rate b. The number of female state and federal inmates grew 5% (Montaldo, 2012) i. Percentages of female inmates ii.

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