Overcrowding In Prison

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Topic: Overcrowding in prison General Purpose: To Persuade/Visual Aid Specific Purpose: The overcrowding of prisoner has been a issue since the early 1700 century, and as of March 1, 2012 United State currently has the world’s largest prison population of 2.2 million people incarcerated. Stated by the Sentencing Project, a research and advocacy for reform. Introduction: But before I start, I want to make it clear this is not a position offering sympathy to the criminals locked-up. Our judicial-system convicts people that need to be and deserve to be taken away from the general population and imprisoned .However, overcrowding is perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing the American prison system. Prison became the biggest profit making industry in this country. Like the military/industrial complex, the prison-industrial complex is an interweaving of private business and government interest. Its two- fold purpose is Profit and Social Control. It public rational is the fight against Crime. (Transition)Now that I have enlighten you a little, let me go more into details I The cost and profit of overcrowding prison annually (A) Non-violence and longer sentence, account for sickness and older inmates. (B) Benefits to others. (Transition)Now that we have discussed some of the profiting and cost of overcrowding, let’s discuss how social control has its part in overcrowding. II. The poor are more likely than the wealthy to be arrested. (A)Unlike the wealthy who commits crimes in the seclusion of their office or homes (B)The fear of political pressure and hassles. (Transition) Finally, I would to like discuss how crimes, effect prison overcrowding. III. Because of tougher criminal justice and focus on punishment. (A)The U.S. became a world leader in prison population
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