More Than Enough Criminals: Criminologist Decry Prisons

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Mercedes Kelley Prof: Michelle Ronda CRJ 202-1201 Correction 5 March 2015 Glossary #4 Chapter 4 Decry- to say publicly and forcefully that you regard (something) as bad, wrong, etc. Undaunted- not afraid to continue doing something or trying to do something even though there are problems, danger, etc. In “Does imprisonment deter” (94-97), starting from paragraph two, asserts that “criminologist decry prisons and assumes that they had bad effects on people lives” (Pg.94). People including Cullen wanted to believe at that moment, but with the help of empirical evidence from other criminologist…show more content…
Disconcerting- to make (someone) upset or embarrassed. In “More than enough criminals” (108-110), asserts that America view itself as being different in a way that gives people all over the world a chance to come and live out their dreams at the same time enjoying the freedom to do as they please. The problem that is at hand for us is with all of the correctional institutions being built in America which internationally embarrass us and to top it off, places us at the bottom of the social ladder. Why?. There are more people in the United States than in any other state/region/nation incarcerated at the rate of 2.4 million. This lead us to the term idle. according to the text, “many inmates sit Idle and return to society unprepared for reentry” (Pg.108). this quote states that once these inmates return to the outside world, they need to reestablish themselves as member of society by getting jobs, finding a place to live, etc. that takes us to the second term disconcerting. Disconcerting is defined: to make (someone) upset or embarrassed. It is extremely disconcerting that America is at the top of the totem pole in the category of incarceration. We could never deny that the United States prison is over populated and is known to be the Prison

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