Corrections Accreditations and Privatization

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Corrections Accreditations and Privatization Corrections Accreditations and Privatization Corrections accreditations help set the standards for the professionalism and operation of prisons. This helps the safety and health of the inmates and employees. To be considered a professional employee, they should be well trained and retain proper credentials. This will help the industry become a better professional and create a better reputation for correctional officers. Privatized prisons are valuable to the government and the public. They provide a service and help keep prison populations lower for public prisons. Accreditations and privatization work together to train the employees and keep the inmates and staff safe, no matter if the prison is public or private. Corrections Accreditations Corrections accreditations are the standard in which American prisons are operated. Just like a good university has an accreditation to compare with other universities, prisons have the same standards that the facility and employees must strive to achieve. This accreditation is used to publicize facilities policies, procedure, and operations. The American Correctional Association (ACA) is an organization that verifies the national standards by use of audits, reviews, hearings, and evaluations (Standards and accreditation, 2012). For institutions to raise the standard of professionalization, the training process becomes longer and harder for employees. To become a professional, the employees must have extensive training and certifications to work at different levels of the prison. This training and accreditation is how industry leaders can plan for a better correctional officer. Privatized Prisons Prisons that are privately owned improve the quality of service without increasing the cost to the government or the taxpayers. Six percent of the prisoners in prisons are

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