The Leviste Incident

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JULY 1, 2011 MANDATE: Pursuant to DOJ Order Number 512, dated June 22, 2011, through the creation of a Technical Working Group (TWG), issues and concerns that have come to the fore as an offshoot of what is now referred to as the “Leviste incident” (i.e. inmate Leviste’s escape from the NBP on May 18, 2011) shall be given priority in the matter of addressing and identifying problems and concerns in order that measures and actions toward reforming the National Jail System will be conducted. ISSUES AND CONCERNS: According to DOJ Order number 512, dated June 22, 2011, the TWG shall give priority, in particular,…show more content…
The Manual however does not pretend to be the replacement since some provisions refers to the 1959 Rules as the main reference. There should be a compendium of Prison Rules or Prison Rules should be annotated to include recent measures or orders supplementing related rules. Based on this work, as principal reference, all prison officers will have a clear cut understanding on how they can efficiently and properly conduct their daily tour of duty. Without any reference, the entire prison officer corps are as confused as any civilian prison visitor is. The Prison Rules annotated or Prison Rules Compendium should include foremost a portion where Correctional Ethics is emphasized so that the core officers will exude the necessary professional outlook right from the start. 8. The call for an efficient and speedy processing of inmate records for the purpose of granting parole or recommending executive clemency to deserving or qualified inmates, and the release of those whose sentence have been…show more content…
When a new prison leadership assumes command and institute a system through the numerous confidential staff he would bring into the organization, that is where the real problem on graft and corruption begins. The entire agency will be parcelled according to territory. One will take charge of the procurement, another with the dispensation of supply, while others will check on the list of celebrity prisoners wanting any direct line for assistance or whatever arrangements to be forged. There are those who would monitor if penal farms have surfeit in prison products, while the rest are seeking any other contracts to be bilked for possible considerations. Caterers, dealers and suppliers are oftentimes the target of these personalities. And these characters, having been blessed as part or sinecures of the leadership have powers over ordinary officers and they do not even have any official mandate nor liable if anything unfortunate

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