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Corrections Accreditation and Privatization LaWanda Blake CJS/230 January 7, 2012 Gerald Norris Corrections accreditation is a system of verification that correctional agencies and facilities comply with under the national standards as declared by the American Correctional Association. Privatization creates competition with the public prisons and jails within the community, which then acts as an encouragement for the public prisons and jails to make needed improvements. As accreditation and privatization effects jails and prisons in the country, accreditation also affects the professional development of privatization within the state and federal prison systems and how well privatized prisons meet correctional criteria. The correctional administration has become very familiar with accreditation and professionalization. Foster (2006) says, “Professionalization has to do with gaining professional status for persons working in corrections, while accreditation seeks comparable status for their employing organizations.” Millions of people work within the corrections systems some working in non-secured areas such as probation and parole officers nevertheless some form of professionalism must be maintained. Probation and parole officers have to show their professionalism when working with their clients, correctional officers within the jails and prisons have to do the same while they are working, but they could both be considered different levels of professionalism. As probation and parole officers have college degrees and no criminal background, eligibility requirements for the job are obtained once they pass the civil service test. However, correctional officers within the jail obtain training which prepares them for their position. Industry leaders can plan for better correctional professionalization and accreditation by making it known that

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