Corrections Accreditation Research Paper

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Corrections Accreditation Kimberly Francis CJS 230 06/22/2014 University of Phoenix Fredrick Waltz Corrections Accreditation Prisons have several staff and management within the facility. The staff and management have to meet certain standard of rules to be able to run a secure facility. The American Correctional Association has developed an organization called corrections accreditation to make sure the staff and management meet these standard rules. The correction's accreditation helps set standards for the professionalism and operations of prisons. Corrections accreditation is a system of verification that correctional agencies and facilities must comply…show more content…
Since 1984, the first for-profit prison was contracted the industry had grown exponentially. As it states in the text, "private facilities appear to perform at the same level of efficiency as public facilities, and mimics the public model but achieves modest cost savings" (Foster, 2006). Advocates argue with the corrections that they could save the public ten to twenty percent in operation costs of jails and prisons with privatization. Privatizations provide nonprofit places such as halfway houses, drug and alcohol treatments, and charitable organizations. These are places that are contracted companies with the jails and prisons because they are either short term or facilities don't provide the services. The privatizations are mostly nonprofit that are mostly run by their owners or charities are donate the funds. Privatizations are available for ones that are done with their prisons terms and need help getting a life back into society. The inmates do not need to be lock down but need the additional help that they cannot afford out of their
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