A Career In Homeland Security

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Homeland Security Homeland Security is a relatively new agency that was proposed by the President George W. Bush, soon after the terrorist attacks against America. The president vowed to never let an the loss of life that resulted from the attack ever happen to America again. Therefore, he led the development of an agency called Homeland Security to keep our nation safe. This new security agency was headed by a director with years of leadership experience, ex-senator Tom Ridge, a once prominent legislator specifically appointed by Bush. The main objective of Homeland Security has been to watch over America, keeping a look out for terrorist threats that come from all over the world. However, side objectives proclaimed in the agency’s overall…show more content…
If one wants to help protect their country, there are many careers that the agency offers, but for the most part, you will have to have the college degree or some formal training in order to do the more technical jobs. A bachelor or associates degree in various subjects is recommended, but some position need only a high school diploma to get hired. Whatever job taken, all agents in Homeland Security have the same critical purpose of keeping our nation safe. People everywhere take for granted that we are safe until something happens, as Homeland Security does everything they can to keep us safe. Before you can become part of homeland security, you will need to comply with several civil service regulations. These regulations are common for most states. According to a review of requirements for the job, listed on a website for criminal justice majors, to meet the basic qualifications “you will generally need to be a US citizen, aged at least 20, and be physically and mentally fit. A previous criminal history will likely preclude you from working within an agency”(Justice Degree). But with education necessary to join, “A college degree is usually required; a subject such as criminal justice should provide you with a good foundation. Some agencies are not particular about the subject of your degree and place more emphasis on personal qualities.” Since one can be a homeland security specialist within a number of different agencies, their educational requirements vary so much, to see where you are qualified or what you need to complete your qualifications, it is best for prospective Homeland Security agents to check directly with the

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