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Probation Officer Career Essay I have wanted to be a probation officer since I was 16 years old. Probation officers are an important part of the criminal justice correctional system. Probation officers play an integral role in the administration of justice. They serve as the community corrections arm of the federal court system. They make an important contribution to the federal criminal justice process. In order to become a probation officer I need to meet the minimum educational requirements such as obtaining my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, salary expectations of making $47,000 per year, educate myself on what a parole officer does such as working with criminals, use my own personal characteristics of being empathic and a leader, and know the possibility for growth in my chosen position and career such as becoming a supervisor. In order to become a probation officer I must meet certain educational requirements as well as be aware of possible growth in my career. Education is important in becoming a probations officer since a high school education will not prepare you for the various difficulties that come with the job. Since probation officers deal with the recently paroled convicts, “qualifications vary by agency, but a bachelor's degree is usually required. Most employers require candidates to pass oral, written, and psychological exams” (BLS, 2012). To become a probation officer I should get a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and take sociology classes. These classes will help prepare to confront the social issues that my probationers face as well give me a strong foundation to navigate the court systems. Fortunately since people have not stopped committing crimes, career growth is expected to continue to grow. I will not have to worry about being fired because my job is no longer necessary. “Employment of probation officers and correctional

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