Coriolanus by Shakespeare

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Coriolanus by Shakespeare Although she barely speaks, Virgilia is the most important character in Coriolanus. Virgilia is integral to Coriolanus particularly in her role as foil to Volumnia. Virgilia is the wife of a Coriolanus who is a warrior in Rome. In contrast to his mother-in-law, Volumnia who values war and is made happy by his son’s involvement in the war, Virgilia does not encourage war for his husband. This shows that Virgilia is a woman of peace and does not value battle between the people. For example, though Volumnia convinces her that having a warrior as a husband is an honor, she is not happy as her husband is wounded many times and also that being in war means that he can face death any time. Virgilia locks herself in the housie and fails to come out unless her husband returns home. Virgilia is not meek or passive. Though she is often silent, Virgilia contradicts his mother-in-law when necessary. Virgilia and Volumnia are the two most important women in the life of the great roman soldier, Coriolanus. Volumnia is over ambitious and overbearing. Virgilia is meek and gentle. Though Volumnia is outspoken and unashamed of her ambition, Virgilia is quiet and anxious for Coriolanus.Virgilia is not completely overshadowed by her mother-in-law. Her silence is a effective frustrate to the rhetoric of Volumnia. Her husband, Coriolanus calls her ‘my gracious silence. When Coriolanus writes a letter to her while in the battle at Corioli, he does not explain about his wounds. However, that he wrote to his mother contained detailed information of the number of wounds he had while fighting the battle. Virgilia is too emotional; she expresses her feelings by bursting into tears. Despite this, she condemns the Romans when they banish his husband from the nation. Though Virgilia is retiring and timid, she is also strong in her own ways. She fears blood and wounds.
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