Comprehensive Job Search Project Plan

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Comprehensive Job Search Plan I. PRELIMINARY STEP: Job search project plan 1 * Assess your personal finances to identify the maximum length of time your job search can take, and identify back-up plans in case that timeframe must be extended * Write a SMART job search goal statement and review/update your personal brand statement * Establish weekly activity targets to support your job search activities (e.g. number of cold calls to make, new networking connections to build, etc.) * Prepare an activity tracking system * Build a prioritized list of the companies you would like to work for II. THE JOB SEARCH: JOB SEARCH CHECKLIST * Research all the companies you plan to contact * Develop a basic resume and cover letter that can then be…show more content…
Time to Complete | Goal 1: | Conducting Research | * Research individual firms through websites: and Workopolis | 1-3 hoursa daySep 11-12 | Goal 2: | Networking | * I will start Setting up a LinkedIn profile * Attend career fairs and networking events | 1-2 hours through the days Sep 12-15 | Goal 3: | Improving your online presence | * Be more active on Twitter and Facebook twice a week | 1-2 hours a daySep 11-18 | Goal 4: | Conducting informational interviews | * Send out letters and emails requesting informational interviews * Prepare for informational interviews: read and watch YouTube videos of interviews, research contact, develop questions * Hold at least 2 info interviews/week | 2-3 hours Per daySept 11 - 18

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