Comparing Great Expectation the Movie to Great Expectations the Book

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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is the story of a young boy named pip and his overall struggle to escape his apparent fate as a blacksmith’s apprentice. Miss Havisham is a bitter woman frozen in time, whom has an adopted daughter, named Estella that Pip unfortunately falls in love with. This circumstance is unfortunate because Estella is being raised to “break her lovers heart” who under the steering of Miss Havisham is Pip. Pip believes he will live his fate of being a blacksmiths apprentice until a secret benefactor helps him become an educated gentleman in London. Pips’ life is soon filled with great expectations but eventually pays off when Pip resolves to prove to Estella that he’s changed and wins her vague heart. Many would agree that this novel was one of Dickens greater pieces and many tried to imitate the effect of the novel in film. The closest retrospect of the novel is the movie Great expectations directed by Julian Jarrold. Although alike in setting, mood, point of view and theme, there are main key points that have changed including character attributions and plot in the novel. Regarding the similarities of the film and novel they both have the same setting, mood, point of view and theme. In the movie the setting did not change the movie is still in the mid nineteenth century Kent and London England. Although marsh land is not visually appealing the film did a good job in emphasizing Pips’ living situation as an orphan. The movie also does a good job of the costumes. They made the characters look exactly like their role when appropriate. They also found costumes that are accurate representation of clothing from the time period. The overall mood is very similar to the novel. For example while watching the movie when Pip is cold and sickly in jail the viewer gets the effect of the circumstance, the audience will too get chills. The atmosphere
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