Field Of Dreams

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1. In “Field of Dreams” there is a lot of background that opens in the movie with a voice over. The tone of the voice over is positive, happy, and reminiscent. In “Shoeless Joe Jackson”, the background is spread throughout the story, and tone of the book is calm and somewhat melancholy. 2. In “Field of Dreams” Ray hears the voice as a whisper, multiple times. However in “Shoeless Joe Jackson”, the voice is heard as a ballpark announcer in a scratchy middle-American voice. Also, in the movie, Ray questions the voice many times and asks Annie and Karin if they heard the voices. Annie replies back rather nonchalantly that she did not hear anything as she swings on the front porch swing with Karin. Annie takes lightly of the voice at first and jokes about them. The producers probably changed these parts of the movie because with Annie it adds humor, and when the whisper is repeated so many times it adds suspense and makes the audience question what the voice could mean. 3. The closeness between Annie and Ray in “Field of Dreams” is emphasized more strongly than in the book. In the movie, we see the couple in their bed, and Annie is trying to understand Ray’s situation with the voices. In the book, Annie seems like more of a supporter for Ray, never doubting or implying that the voices in his head are humorous to her. The reason the producers changed the closeness between the two in the movie was probably to add some romance to the movie and to help us connect with the characters. 4. There is a different plot point between Ray and his father in “Field of Dreams”. Ray makes the left field in hopes of connecting with his father in the book. However, in the movie, Ray is afraid of “becoming” his father. The movie producers probably changed this because it adds drama to the movie without fully taking out the father element of the movie. 5. When Ray is constructing his

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