Godfather Film Review

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The Secret of the Godfather As stated by Mike Nichols, any good movie is filled with secrets. Whether the secrets lie in the making of the movie, hidden symbols in the movie, or perhaps the secrets waiting to be discovered about the movie’s cinematography, there is no great movie without secrets. Cinematography consists of so many secrets because of the complex amount of layers that go into a movie. In order for a film to be considered a great film, it must present quality. Quality is the way the director can incorporate the many layers of music, camera techniques, and style in film. The film must also present eloquent character development and create a mood that is appealing to the viewer. Also , the way the theme is displayed throughout the movie by means of camera styles and technique is essential to the overall feeling and understanding of the flick. The Godfather, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is a very unconventional film about organized crime. However unconventional and strange the movie seems at first, it was a wonderful and engaging film to watch. Although the movie is about crime and mafias, it does not focus so much on violence that the essential themes and characters get lost along the way. In fact, one of the central themes the film is family. The theme is displayed in the movie through mainly, lighting and setting. The film starts off at the scene of a wedding, which sets the stage for the central theme of the movie, which is family. “The Godfather,” is not completely about organized crime and criminal activities. The illegal business is merely a family business and crime is the way that the film sets up interactions and conflict between the members of the Corleone family. In fact, if the crime was stripped away from this film, it would still be an amazing movie that explains the loyalty and importance of family well. At heart, it is a movie

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