James Stewart's Movie Career

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James Stewart was one of the best actors of the 1950’s. He had many charactistic that know one in Holly Wood. I think James Stewart was very successful in his movie career because, he was soft spoken and he believed that he could do any role that came his way. While I was growing up I watched two movies that James Stewart was in. The first movie was Vertigo. I first watched this with my dad and was amazed by how good the acting was. In the movie he is a retired cop who is asked by an old friend to watch his wife’s strange actions. I thought movies made in the forty’s and fifty’s were not as good as film in the modern age of film. But I soon found out that this movie was by far better than any movie I’ve seen during that year.…show more content…
I also think he became very interested in acting while attending Princeton because, he thought he was really good at it and wanted to try it out. James Stewart didn’t get many roles until after he was out of the military. He enlisted in the U.S Army Corps. James Stewart spent two years on radio broadcasts (Thomas W. Collins, Jr. “Stewart, James” http://www.anb.org/articles/18/18-03481.html; American National Biography Online Feb. 2000.). I think James Stewart wanted to help by fighting the war rather than be a radio broadcaster because, he wanted to be part that was helping to win this war. When he returned to Hollywood he didn’t renew his contract with MGM, but instead signed with the MCA talent agency (Thomas W. Collins, Jr. “Stewart, James” http://www.anb.org/articles/18/18-03481.html; American National Biography Online Feb. 2000.) I think he did this because, he wanted to get bigger roles in movies and not get small roles that know one noticed him. I think James Stewart became the most famous when he did movies with Alfred Hitchcock. I think his two best movies were Vertigo and Rear Window. I think he was a perfect fit for these two movies because, he just seemed like that type of guy in real life. He continued making films into the late 60’s until his hearing problems got to…show more content…
August 5, 1954).. To me I think this movie was a big thing in the fifty’s because, so many people showed up on the first day it was out. People from the United Nations were in the audience (CROWTHER, BOSLEY “Rear Window” http://movies.nytimes.com/movie/review?; New York Times Review. August 5, 1954.)To me if there are people from the United Nations then it probably was a big deal in this time period. James Stewart had many attributes that he brought to film. One of the attributes that he had was his soft spoken voice in movies. Another one that he had was his look. His look to me was an average man that everyone looked like back then. In many movies his voice to me was one of his best attributes that he brought to film. His voice was calm and kept you wanting to know what was going to happen just as much as he did in the

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